Customized whiteboards

The wellknown whiteboards are integrated in modern technological solution and give a different approach of teaching in schools by combining a high-resolution display with sliding whiteboard. The teachers can use the new presentation equipment in combination with Web-based interactive education platform. This innovative solution meets the challenge of modern times and enables teachers and students to use cloud technologies in class.

With this product we achieve several goals

  • The teachers are enabled to use high resolution presentation equipment /55``or 65`` displays/
  • When the display is not used for presentations, the teacher has the whole space of the whiteboard for writing and drawing
  • During the break or after classes, the presentation equipment is locked and protected behind a removable panel
  • The solution has built in computer that allows the teacher to use all digital resources or web-based interactive applications in the learning process
  • The system can be connected to all electronic devices in the classroom /laptops, tablets or smartphones/ and they could work together
ksmuser2018Customized whiteboards