Delivery of equipment for NP “Providing a modern educational environment”


In the last month of the year we continued the deliveries in schools under the contracts signed in implementation of Module A – Modernization of the system of vocational education and Module D – Libraries as an educational environment of National program “Providing a modern educational environment”. Despite the complicated situation for many areas of the economy, KEISIEM is ending one successful year!

Installation of equipment


“We started and successfully completed the delivery of displays in over 160 schools across the country, after which we proceeded to install and put into operation the interactive equipment. The deadline for implementation and completion of this activity is 15.12.2020, and we hope, despite the deteriorating epidemiological situation, to fulfill the contract with the Ministry of Education and Science in time.

New request from the Ministry of Education and Science


After the application of admitted schools under the NP “ICT in the system of preschool and school education” we received a request from the Ministry of Education and Science for new 210 interactive displays. The schools that had not received equipment in the last 3 years had the opportunity to participate in the ranking in three categories, respectively for one, two or three displays, depending on the number of their students.

Agreement for equipment supply with A1


In August we agreed on the delivery of the interactive solutions of KEISIEM with the largest mobile operator in our country – A1. The main Internet provider in schools, A1 decided to offer its customers a complex supply of equipment and services in installments to meet the needs and capabilities of schools with smaller budgets.

Working on projects


After the deliveries of interactive displays under National Program “ICT in the system of preschool and school education”, we started developing projects under NP “Providing of a modern educational environment” for Module A – Modernization of the vocational education system and Module D – Libraries as an educational environment, as well as under National Program “Building a school STEM environment”. KEISIEM started consulting and preparation of specifications for applying the mentioned programs in a large number of schools.

Delivery of 2000 pcs. interactive touch displays projected by the Ministry of Education and Sciences


We have successfully delivered the largest number of interactive touch displays in the company’s history! The equipment was delivered to 1940 schools and 60 kindergartens throughout the country under Activity 2 of the Ministry of Education and Sciences’ project “Education of Tomorrow”. Our satisfaction is even greater because of the state of emergency in Bulgaria and the difficulties that many business sectors find themselves during the COVID-19 quarantine.



“Anything that helps to provoke the interest of students – changing the classroom and using new technologies, is very valuable.” This was noted by the Minister of Education and Science Krasimir Valchev after the opening of an innovative classroom at 81st school “Victor Hugo” in Sofia, where KEISIEM Ltd. equipped one different classroom. It is divided into two zones – a place to work with integrated knowledge of natural sciences and mathematics and a discussion area. Each workstation is equipped with a separate display. “It creates skills and provokes thinking with the use of modern technology”, the school management said. Despite the state of emergency in Bulgaria, KEISIEM is actively working on various projects across the country!



In the first months of the year, KEISIEM Ltd was entirely dedicated to the implementation of Activity 2 of project No. BG05M2ОP001-2.012-0001 of the Ministry of Education and Science “Education for tomorrow”, and in particular to the delivery and installation of the latest generation of touch IFPDs in 1940 Bulgarian schools and 60 kindergartens. We provide modern equipment to the smallest schools that got the unique opportunity to use interactive teaching tools.



Following the successful installation of the 300 interactive displays delivered in November, we signed a new contract for the delivery of 2000 IFPDs and received a request for implementation from the Ministry of Education and Science, which will begin with the New Year. Our company is ending a very successful year and we wish ourselves many accomplishments in the new one!



In the beginning of the fourth quarter of the year, KEISIEM’s team was mainly involved in the delivery, montage and installation of interactive displays in the 300 schools, ranked by the MES in Sofia and around the country. This does not limit the work of the company, which continues to execute various projects and deliveries on winning public procurements in Professional High School of Hairdressing and Cosmetics, 81 Secondary school, 18 Secondary school in Sofia; PMG Sliven and many others.



In September, 29 new contracts were enrolled with primary and secondary schools around the country for the completion of WIFI connectivity under the National ICT program of the Ministry of Education and Science. The Internet securing must be done by the end of January 2020. The accomplished projects under this program will reach 87 schools across the country.



During the month of July 2019 KEISIEM EOOD was ranked first in “Delivery of interactive multimedia systems” under the MES procedure for “Delivery and warranty service of multimedia systems, access control systems, upgrade of the current control system and licenses for cloud consoles for the needs of the Ministry of Education and Science and its executed policies and projects” under 4 separate positions. In August the first request for the delivery of 300 interactive displays was received and had to be delivered at the ranked MES schools in the National ICT program.

Hotel Kalina Palace, Tryavna


“Innovative solutions for the education sector” was the topic of the two-day seminar that we organized in the beginning of June in the town of Tryavna. Representatives from primary, secondary and vocational Bulgarian schools, partners of ours, participated to share their experience in the implementation of the new technologies and learn more about the most up-to-date products and services that our company offers to the market. We are extremely pleased with this event!

SOLYTRON`s Partner Meeting


At the end of May, KESIEM Ltd. Was invited to spend few days in Tel Aviv, Israel, where the SOLYTRON`s partner meeting aimed to underline the trends in the ICT market in Bulgaria. Solytron is a Bulgarian distributor of IT hardware and software for over 30 world-recognized brands, who is cooperating successfully with our company for years. Thanks to this invitation, we also visited the Holy Land!

New WIFI Networks


In April we signed new 33 agreements with Bulgarian primary schools for WIFI connectivity building under the National ICT program of the Ministry of education. They must be completed up to 30.07.2019. We will build the networks up to the end of June. By the end of the current school year the number of all KEISIEM`s contracts under this program will reach 58 schools.

“School for the Future”, Interpred WTC, Sofia


„School for Future“ is an initiative directed to teachers and school principals in Bulgaria to exchange the experience in good teaching practices. KESIEM Ltd. took part in the event and presented its solutions for modern classroom equipment. For the first time, here, we introduced the latest product that we are offering to the Bulgarian schools – LABDISK, mobile laboratories for conducting experiments on natural sciences.

Supply of equipment under Operational program “Working for the regions”


After the successful implementation of a project under the same program in “Vasil Levski” school, Gabrovo, KEISIEM completed successfully the delivery of equipment in “St. St. Cyril and Methodius” school, Gabrovo, where the students and the school team already enjoy an innovative learning environment.

BETT Show 2019


BETT Show 2019 took place from 23 Jan to 26 Jan 2019 at the ExCeL Exhibition Centre in London, UK. As usual KEISIEM Ltd. attended the annual British Education and Training Technology Exhibition where several substantial solutions and products about Education, Training, Education Equipments, Education Technology, Training Equipments, Training Technology, Curriculum Development and Classroom Equipment were put on show. This year the Trade Show was visited by 35000 attendees.

Happy New 2019 Year!


At the end of 2018 year, in December we signed agreements with 25 secondary and vocational schools for Wifi network building and with 40 schools for delivery of high-tech equipment under the National Program of ICT of the Ministry of Education and Science. We wish us a successful 2019 year too, filled with many challenges, new projects and satisfied customers!

Microsoft Education Day 2018 Bulgaria


In a partnership with Sofia Municipality and Sofia Regional Office of Education, Microsoft Bulgaria, organized an educational conference, where KESIEM was invited and took part on 19th of November. The event was held at the Aula of Sofia University.
The conference was dedicated to the latest technological trends and their important place in contemporary education, innovative schools, the skills of the future, the place of robots in classrooms and many more relevant to the quickly developing educational trends.

Gabrovo Innovation Camp 2018


KEISIEM Ltd. supported Gabrovo Innovation Camp 2018 that took place from 4 to 6 of October in the town. In this initiative were involved more than 80 participants, organized in working groups who searched of solutions
for six different challenges. As a partner of the event, KEISIEM Ltd. gave a reward for one of them – The education of the future, which is the focus of our activity. We will be glad to support similar initiatives in the future!

Happy first school day!


On 17th of September, many schools such as “Acad. Ivan Gyuzelev” High school and “Vassil Levski” Primary School in Gabrovo, “St. Patriarh Evtimii” Plovdiv,” Ekzarh Antim I” Kazanlak, 2 „Emilian Stanev“, 18 „William Gladston“, 81 „Victor Hugo“, 138 „Prof. Vasil Zlatarski“ Secondary schools and the Theological Seminary in Sofia opened the doors of their enlarged buildings and renovated cabinets. During the summer holiday months their school management, with our cooperation, modernized some classrooms with technical equipment and advanced interactive teaching tools. Thus, teachers and students will have the opportunity to teach and learn in a new way, using innovative technology solutions and web based educational software.

Supply and installation of equipment at 18th Secondary School „William Gladstone“, Sofia


A center for Natural and Mathematical Sciences named “Acad. Georgi Nadjakov” was opened on 24 April at 18 Secondary School „William Gladstone“, Sofia. The project was funded by „America for Bulgaria“ Foundation and realized by KEISIEM Ltd. The Minister of Education and Science Krassimir Valchev, the Ambassadors of the United States and South Korea, the president of the „America for Bulgaria“ Foundation and many others attended the event. Since the beginning of the year, under this project in the school have been renovated five cabinets – physics, robotics, chemistry, biology and programming. The laboratories have now high tech equipment, as well as innovative software and applications for virtual work in various scientific disciplines.

Participation in „Educate to create“ conference


On 19th and 20th of April in Sofia Tech Park was held the conference on education of the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, where KEISIEM Ltd. took part as an exhibitor of modern educational solutions. The conference was focused on the need to raise the digital skills of teachers and students and on the importance of quality education for the development which key success factor is the innovative learning by using interactive teaching tools.

Second regional conference – mozaBook web-based educational platform


With a great interest from the teaching community in Sliven was held the second regional conference for sharing best practices in the development of interactive content using the web-based educational platform of MOZAIK. On 17th April in „Gallery“ Hall at hotel National Palace, representatives of 8 schools and kindergartens from the town exchanged experience with their colleagues and demonstrated the use of various mozaBooks`tools and formats as text, images, 3D animations, tests and games in the teaching process of different educational areas. All participants in the conference confirmed that the application of modern learning methods as mozaBook platform enhance the qualification of teachers and contribute to the higher quality of education.

Supply and installation of 65“ interactive touchscreen display at primary school „Bratya Miladinovi”, Burgas


At the beginning of December, a new innovative classroom, equipped by KEISIEM Ltd. was opened in Burgas. The Primary School “Bratya Miladinovi” won a project of EVN with a model on the topic “ECOCITY”, made by its students. According to the competition rules, the school ranked first receives a cash prize of BGN 10,000. The modern equipment is purchased with the funding provided by EVN and includes 65″ interactive touchscreen display with installed MOZAIK license. A part of the received funds was spent for the training of 10 teachers from the school. They learned how to use the mozaBook software platform in the educational process.

Dual Education – A Path of Opportunities


KEISIEM Ltd. participated in the National Conference on Dual Education, organized by the Ministry of Education and Science under the Bulgarian-Swiss project DOMINO, which took place on 21st and 22nd of November 2017 in hotel „Balkan“, Sofia. The conference was a part of the events within the European Professional Skills Week in Bulgaria. During the forum, the participants discussed together with the directors of vocational schools, representatives of the Ministry of Education and Science and the Ministry of Economy the challenges and opportunities for the development of dual education.

Supply and installation of 84“ interactive touchscreen display at „D. Talev“ Secondary School, Dobrich


An interactive, natural sciences hall was opened on 8 November at „D. Talev“ Secondary School, Dobrich. It features the largest 84″ multimedia touchscreen display delivered in Bulgarian school. In the renewed classroom, students from 5th to 12th grade will be trained on physics and astronomy, chemistry and biology. The modern and inspiring design of the hall will stimulate the comprehension of the cognitive link between the elements of living and non-living nature, the understanding of the building structure of the universe and the place of the man. KEISIEM Ltd. equipped the classroom with the new-generation tablets „Stronger“ too, especially designed for education, which allow the current monitoring of the class’s work and the handling of the learning process.

Attending a conference on vocational education


In October, KEISIEM Ltd. participated in a regional event pointed at vocational education. On 12.10. in Sliven Municipality was held a conference on topic “Main accents in the development of vocational teaching and education”. It was initiated by the Ministry of Education and Science with the assistance of the Municipality of Sliven and the Regional Administration of Education in the city. Experts from the municipality shared good practices for cooperation with the local business. Representatives of the regional education departments from four regions in the area presented to the participants the results of the realization of the vocational education graduates.

Supply and installation of equipment at „St. Patriarh Evtimii“ Secondary School, Plovdiv


„St. Patriarh Evtimii“ Secondary School is the largest school on the territory of Plovdiv District, which as a result of our collaboration started the new school year, implementing the modern technologies in education. The six furnished thematically in Mathematics, Biology, Geography, Chemistry and Physics classrooms already benefit from high-tech solutions and innovative teaching methods based on the mozaBook software platform. Each classroom has an interactive touchscreen display with installed MOZAIK license, which enables the use of 3D demonstration models, schemes, presentations and games.

Presentation of the solutions offered by KEISIEM Ltd. to school directors from the regions of Sliven and Burgas


In June were organized meetings with school directors in Sliven and Burgas, where were presented solutions for innovative classrooms, including delivery of modern equipment, MOZAIK software licenses and training for teachers on mozaBook platform.
At the beginning of the month in Sliven was made a demonstration of 65″ interactive touchscreen display and MOZAIK software tools for developing an own educational content to 49 directors from the region. In result 13 schools were furnished with advanced-technology equipment and mozaBook licenses.
The last week of 2016/2017 school year, the same presentation was made to the directors and representatives of 11 schools in the Municipality of Burgas. In 6 of them, teachers and students already use the new technologies and enjoy the opportunities to teach and learn in a new way.

First regional conference – mozaBook web-based educational platform


On 21 and 22 of April in Haskovo was held the first regional conference for sharing best practices in the development of interactive content, using the web-based educational platform mozaBook.
Park-hotel “Europe Green” welcomed the representatives of 14 schools from Kazanlak, Stara Zagora, Pleven, Plovdiv, Pazardzhik, Lovech, Radnevo, Galabovo, Krumovgrad and Haskovo, who have had the opportunity to demonstrate how the platform of Mozaik changed their way of teaching, what are the advantages of the interactive learning and what resources and techniques of mozaBook they usually apply in the classroom.
Within 15 minutes of the two-day`s program, each lecturer was willing to share with his colleagues his own experience and to present in brief a lesson on his subject – mathematics, biology and health education, languages, history and civilization, as well specialized subjects such as internal combustion engines and economics, using mozaBook`s toolkit.
All attendees were convinced that this new and modern approach to teaching by creating own interactive lessons enables the presentation of the learning content, helps to improve classroom communication in a unique way and enhances not only the interest but also the results of the students.
The feedback from the teachers was more than great! The participants made sure that mozaBook is a platform with unlimited possibilities!
The conference was of great benefit to all attendees. A forum where their colleagues have demonstrated abilities, showed the achieved results and set goals!
The participants expressed their satisfaction with the good organization and additionally to the appreciation and recognition, our team also received the encouragement:
Keep doing things with the same enthusiasm! Only this way we will give back the pleasure of learning to our children!

Delivery and installation of video wall in “Kiril Hristov” school in Stara Zagora


“Kiril Hristov” school in Stara Zagora is one of the leading schools in the region by introducing advanced solutions associated with innovative technologies of teaching. Its management has been realized that only the delivery of computers is not sufficient to be recognized as “modern school”. All activities should improve the quality of teaching and help students to stable understanding of the study material.
The latest acquisition of the school is the installed video wall composed of four juxtaposed displays with barely visible board designed for visualization and presentation at the highest level. Thereby teachers and students will have the opportunity to put into practice the technological innovation.

Successfully completed delivery and installation of equipment for 14 interactive classrooms in “Ivan Vazov” school, Pleven


The execution of the supply and installation of equipment at “Ivan Vazov” school, Pleven was successfully completed in the beginning of March. Hereby, 14 classrooms in the school will provide modern education using innovative technologies. The goal is to implement the new approach of teaching and learning, while improving communication between teachers and students.

“The equipment enables the most advanced level of training, said the school director Dimitar Mitev. These classrooms are provided with interactive displays with integrated PC and touch screen. The technology improves learning outcomes by creating an interactive classroom and support teachers to manage more effectively the learning process.”

Training on “The possibilities of mozaBook educational resources for effective learning process”


The last month of 2016, KEISIEM LTD. has organized and conducted a series of trainings on the territory of Regional directorate of education – Targovishte. 41 teachers in 22 schools from 15 villages and towns were trained on the possibilities of mozaBook educational resources for effective learning process.
Organized as a workshop, the training presents the resources of the interactive platform and the opportunities to develop own interactive content at the selected profile “Mathematics and Informatics”.
After the training each participant has received a certificate.

MozaBook training in the international training center in Szeged, Hungary

1 - 25.11.2016

The last MozaBook training for 2016, organized by KEISIEM Ltd. in partnership with Mozaik Education was held from 21st to 25th November 2016 in the international training center in Szeged, Hungary. Three teachers from IV school “Kiril Hristov” Stara Zagora took part in itDuring the training, the attendees had the opportunity to meet the developers of the platform and to talk with the regional manager for Southeast Europe.

This is the fourth training with participation of Bulgarian teachers. This year, professors from Sofia, Blagoevgrad and Stara Zagora were attendees in the international trainings in Hungary. These trainings are organized tor teachers from all Europe countries. The groups are international and everyone has the opportunity to share his experience.

“The participation of teachers from our country is indicative for the interest of Bulgarian professors  to implement modern information technologies in the educational process.” – says Kalin Kirov, Manager of KEISIEM Ltd.

Next year series of training are planned and we will be happy if you join one too!

“Loyal Cyberoam Partner in 2016” was awarded to KEISIEM Ltd.!


The honorary plaque was given to the manager of the company, Mr. Kalin Kirov by Mr. Konstantin Veselinov, founder and CEO of Hi Computers.

CENTIO Professional IT Security award ceremony took place in hotel “Radina`s way”, Borovets, during the 15 th birthday celebration of Hi computers on November 18, 2016.

It was a pleasure to celebrate our partner`s birthday!

GOLD SERTEFICATE и mozaLearn ICT Expert for Bulgaria.


KEYSIEM Ltd. received GOLD CERTIFICATE and status mozaLearn ICT Expert for Bulgaria.

V Annual Forum of Directors from Bulgarian education system

25 – 26.08.2016

From 25th to 26th of August in Sofia was held the annual forum of directors from Bulgarian education system. During the two-days program of the event, more than 130 directors of Bulgarian education institutions have discussed on the newest regulations – Law on pre-school and school education.

KEISIEM Ltd. as a technology partner, has presented the innovative teaching methods including interactive software and new generation interactive boards.

Attendees could see the magic of 3D visualization and technology used for the creation of interactive education resources. There were demonstrated virtual games for 4th and 5th grades.

Microsoft TechKnowledge Conference

20 – 22.06.2016

KEISIEM Ltd. as AEP /Academic Education Partner/ took part in 3-day conference for teachers „TechKnowledge Conference“ 2016, organized by Microsoft Bulgaria, about the trends in the implementation of technologies in the classroom.

The event was held from 20th to 22 of June in Veliko Tarnovo. Here were demonstrated best practices of the use of Office 365 in the schools across the country. The company is presented as one of the best partners of Microsoft in education sector.

Microsoft EDU Open Discussion


On 6th of July 2016 in the Literary Club “The feather “, KEISIEM Ltd. took part in a discussion, organized by Microsoft Bulgaria, on the role of the newest technologies in the modern school education – The effective use of a variety of technologies that are already in or will enter the classroom; How useful could they be in the education process and what opportunities would they give to the students.

Kalin Kirov, Manager of KEISIEM Ltd. has shared the company’s best practices in the implementation of cloud technologies and their practical realization in the education process.

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